Moo Green Business Card Review

My business cards from Moo arrived recently. To keep things short and simple, everything from the company’s visual branding, to their website setup is impressively good. One could spend a lot time just wanting to find out more details about every product choice available. Moo certainly provides comprehensive product information either through text or video. At the end of the day, when you are ready to make an order, the steps to do so are simple and quick with no fuss. There are many high quality templates to choose from or you can design something more specific to echo your personal branding just as I have done with my own business cards.

A few days before deciding on my design, I requested that Moo send me a sample pack of their products and you can do so at no cost. Even before the sample pack arrived, I decided to make my order with them as I did not want to wait any longer. Below is the picture of the sample pack I received anyways.

Moo Sample Pack unopened

Moo Sample Pack

The sample pack came in a simple yet beautiful cardboard flip case that housed everything in systematic order and labeled properly. Moo sent over their business cards, mini cards, stickers, and even postcards. I was certainly anticipating the arrival of my business cards by now but they was a slight hiccup with the postal service. I waited a week after the estimated delivery time and then contacted Moo regarding my order. Their customer service representative told me that my order must have gotten lost in the mail and that they would re-print and ship my order immediately. Long story short, my initial 50 business card order had issues getting to Darwin but somewhat managed to arrive roughly the same time as the re-print order that was using express delivery. The extra wait was certainly worth the extra 50 business cards! Let’s get down to business with the actual product.

Moo business card packaging

The image above is the unopened packaging that arrived individually (two in my case due to the re-print) in good waterproof and padded envelope.

Moo business card packaging details

The business card holder also tells you details of the paper source

Moo business card order details
Moo business card order details back

The 2 images above are the order information presented in the form of a fun yet informative card.

Moo business card empty packaging

A good way to display, organize and transport your business cards.

With the packaging covered extensively (as you can see, presentation is something I take very seriously), it is time to talk about the business cards themselves. I ordered the green variant to do what little I can to be more environmentally conscious.

From the Moo website:

Green Business Cards are great for eco-friendly individuals and businesses that don’t want to compromise their ethics for quality. MOO Green stock is 100% recycled fibre and 100% chlorine free – which makes it 100% perfect for people who care as much about the planet as marketing their services. Unlike some recycled paper, our Green Cards are premium quality – in fact, at 352gsm it’s thicker than our standard stock. The non-reflective finish means you can write on them, and the colour reproduction is brilliant – perfect for art and photography. Green Cards are printed double sided, in full colour, at no extra cost. But when you choose Green stock, (presented in a box made from recycled pulp), you know that on the (tiny) chance someone discards your card – it’s 100% biodegradeable, and recyclable! And as far as caring for the planet goes – isn’t it more fun to do it with a bit of style?

Moo green business card stack

Moo green business card variation

As you can see, Moo allows for multiple designs to be printed in one stack of business cards. With a pack of 50 business cards, I could have made up to 50 different designs. This could be a perfect solution if you are looking to have a unique image, voucher or even a tracking code on each individual card.

Moo Sample Sticker

 Moo even provided sample stickers with a discount code if I wanted to make personalized stickers.

In conclusion, I am very happy with the overall service provided by Moo. Their printing quality, product finish, packaging and professionalism certainly makes working with them a pleasant experience. My business card feels premium with good thickness and knowing it is environmentally friendly is wonderful. Their pricing is reasonable with my 50 business card pack costing AU$21.95 with unregistered mail. You could pay more to speed up the printing and delivery process while re-ordering your work is easy with everything being stored in your account details on the Moo website. If you are interest in using Moo as your printing services, head to Moo’s website and give them a try.

That is the end of the review but if you are interested in how I actually took the images in this post, you can have a rough idea from the given explanation. I will always try to share the things I do whenever possible. I know the image below says every little but try to imagine if you may. To the left of the image was a big window and the laptop on the right was used as a makeshift reflector due to its matte silver finish which did the job. The cardboard background is underneath the lens in the image below. I used a Canon EF 100mm f/2.8 L IS USM at f/4 while the camera was set to a shutter speed 1/100 and a ISO of 1000. It was a cloudy day and I had to work with what light I had partially because I wanted to make the process fast as possible. All the images was touched up a little in Lightroom.

Moo Business Card photography setup