Moo Green Business Card Review

My business cards from Moo arrived recently. To keep things short and simple, everything from the company’s visual branding, to their website setup is impressively good. One could spend a lot time just wanting to find out more details about every product choice available. Moo certainly provides comprehensive product information either through text or video. At the end of the day, when you are ready to make an order, the steps to do so are simple and quick with no fuss. There are many high quality templates to choose from or you can design something more specific to echo your personal branding just as I have done with my own business cards.

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Working with Startups



Treading on familiar ground, ezraphotographic is a startup as well and I know what it is like to get the gears going. There is a vision and optimism, backed with a ton of fresh ideas brewing in your head. There is a certain look, feel, an imagination of how the startup will grow and it happens often in the shower, for me at least. If you are looking for someone to work together, I would love to be part of that vision. I offer photography, graphic design services including branding, stylescapes and advertising.

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